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Comptroller's DIY (Do-it-Yourself) Revenue Calculator

State Revenues

The DIY Revenue Calculator is an online, interactive tool provided by the Office of the State Comptroller, which allows users to calculate the approximate impact tax changes would have on overall state revenue.

Using the DIY Revenue Calculator, users can 1) specify changes in existing state tax rates, 2) eliminate existing state tax exemptions and credits, and 3) implement new state taxes and fees to change the estimated amount and sources of state revenue. The DIY Revenue Calculator is divided into sections to guide users through the different dimensions of Connecticut’s tax revenue, and take users step by step through the tool and its features.

For each section, the DIY Revenue Calculator calculates the approximate impact on state revenue of user-inputted tax changes using a detailed methodology and the most up-to-date relevant data.

The DIY Revenue Calculator is strictly for use as a tool to broadly understand approximate tax change implications, and is not intended for official use. Any revenue estimates calculated by the tool, as a result of user-inputted tax changes, are not official estimates or projections.


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