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  • Governor Lamont's Proposed Municipal TRS Contributions

    Governor Ned Lamont’s proposed biennial state budget for fiscal years 2020 and 2021 contains municipal contributions to the Connecticut Teachers’ Retirement System (TRS), which has traditionally been funded by the State of Connecticut and contributions from teachers. This document details how these municipal contributions to the TRS are calculated, and provides example calculations of the FY 2020 municipal contribution. A model of these calculations from the State of Connecticut's Office of Policy and Management is also available, as well as interactive visualizations detailing the different components of the proposed municipal contributions.

  • Distributing Non-Education State Aid to Municipalities through a Needs-Capacity Formula

    The State of Connecticut contains 169 towns with a wide range of wealth and resident need. Currently, the State of Connecticut provides financial aid to towns through a variety of statutory and non-statutory grant programs. The current structure for non-education town aid does not sufficiently address the underlying municipal fiscal disparities that are caused by the unequal costs of delivering services and the low revenue raising capacity of towns in Connecticut. The purpose of this policy briefing is to introduce and examine how Connecticut can address municipal fiscal disparities by using a needs-capacity formula to distribute non-education town aid.

  • State Finance Briefing Book for Statewide & General Assembly Candidates

    This briefing book is designed to serve as an information guide on state finance issues in Connecticut for candidates running for statewide offices, and for those running for a seat in Connecticut's General Assembly. The briefing book provides a nonpartisan, independent look at Connecticut's overall budgetary picture and financial outlook, and contains a number of resources for candidates interested in learning more about the state's fiscal health and financial challenges.

  • VISUALIZATION: State Aid to Municipalities by Grant Program

    This visualization, created based on the August 2017 report from Connecticut's Office of Policy and Management titled Connecticut's Financial Support to Municipalities, displays and compares the amount of state grant funding each Connecticut municipality received from fiscal year 2011 to fiscal year 2017.