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  • Connecticut's Fixed Costs (INFOGRAPHIC)

    Fixed costs are an increasing portion of the Connecticut state budget, and are expenditures the State is obligated to make. In fiscal year 2018, almost half ($9.15 billion) of Connecticut's total General Fund expenditures were categorized as "fixed costs." As the State's fixed costs are increasing, the amount of money available for the discretionary — or non-fixed — portion of Connecticut's General Fund is shrinking. This infographic details the items that make up Connecticut's fixed costs, and how they have grown over the years.

  • Connecticut's Other Post-employment Benefits (OPEBs)

    This policy brief provides an overview of other post-employment benefits (OPEBs) that the State of Connecticut is responsible for paying, and summarizes recent changes in labor agreements that affect these benefits. OPEBs are the benefit packages, not including pensions, received by state or local employees upon retirement. In Connecticut, these benefits are defined as medical, prescription drug, and dental and life insurance.