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  • Katie Roy Testifies Before Finance, Revenue and Bonding Committee Regarding H.B. 5590

    Legislative Testimony

    (Monday, April 2, 2018) Testimony Regarding H.B. 5590, An Act Concerning Bond Covenants and the Bond Issuance Cap

  • Katie Roy Testifies Before Public Safety and Security Committee in Support of S.B. 280

    Legislative Testimony

    (Thursday, March 15, 2018) Testimony Regarding S.B. 280, An Act Concerning the Connecticut Lottery Corporation

  • The Medicare Savings Program rescue plan is fiscally irresponsible (CT Mirror)


    Today, both chambers of the Connecticut General Assembly are expected to vote on a bill that would reverse new eligibility restrictions for the Medicare Savings Program, which provides financial assistance to low-income seniors and those who are disabled for medical expenses not covered by Medicare. However, if preventing its previous decision to eliminate or reduce financial assistance for tens of thousands of Medicare recipients is a priority for the General Assembly — and it is certainly a worthy priority and an important and critical program for many in our state — then the legislature should find the funds needed in a fiscally responsible way that does not further increase the deficit and jeopardize other budgetary commitments.

  • A new window into Connecticut’s finances (CT Mirror)


    Three years ago this month, Office of Policy and Management Secretary Ben Barnes stated Connecticut had “entered into a period of permanent fiscal crisis.” That fiscal crisis, which was decades in the making, looms to this day, and continues to present state and local policymakers with difficult decisions. However, to properly address these challenges we must first understand them and know what problems our state must solve. This starts with understanding the data.

  • A New, Interactive Look at Connecticut's Fiscal Health and Challenges


    Today, the Connecticut School Finance Project is proud to officially launch a new, interactive website ( that provides an in-depth, yet approachable, look into many of the fiscal challenges that Connecticut faces, such as long-term pension and debt obligations, shrinking revenues, and declining bond ratings.