About Us

Our Mission and Goals

Founded in 2015, the School and State Finance Project (previously known as the Connecticut School Finance Project) is a nonpartisan, nonprofit policy organization, focused on education funding and state finance issues, with a commitment to providing independent analysis, building public knowledge, improving transparency, and developing fair, sustainable solutions.

The goals of the School and State Finance Project are to:

  • Serve as an independent and trustworthy source of high-quality research and analysis about Connecticut’s education finance policies and state budget.
  • Improve transparency around Connecticut’s education and state finances by providing access to timely, accurate, and easy-to-understand data and information.
  • Build public knowledge about Connecticut’s finances, budget, and economy, and elevate conversations about how to strengthen the state’s fiscal health.
  • Increase awareness about Connecticut’s education finance system and the need for an equitable, unified funding formula that treats all students fairly and strengthens schools and communities.
  • Develop thoughtful, data-driven solutions that address Connecticut’s education funding and state finance challenges by working collaboratively with state and local policymakers, community groups and leaders, and other key stakeholders.
  • Provide technical assistance to partner organizations seeking to solve education finance-related challenges.

Although not a member-based organization, the School and State Finance Project actively works with a diverse group of stakeholders and communities across Connecticut.

The School and State Finance Project aims to serve as a trusted resource for state and local policymakers, school district officials, community leaders, and all people looking for transparent, accessible, and approachable information about education funding and state finance.

We are a Nonprofit Project of TSNE MissionWorks

The School and State Finance Project is a nonprofit project of TSNE MissionWorks, formerly Third Sector New England. Since 1959, TSNE MissionWorks has been providing management and leadership resources to help nonprofits across the region. A nonpartisan and experienced fiscal sponsor, TSNE MissionWorks is a recognized leader in the field and currently serves nonprofits from a variety of sectors throughout New England and across the country. The TSNE MissionWorks Board of Directors has governing authority over and legal and fiduciary responsibility for the School and State Finance Project. You can view TSNE MissonWorks’ website at www.tsne.org.

Neither TSNE MissionWorks nor the School and State Finance Project take any position on or express any preference about candidates for public offices. Additionally, as nonpartisan organizations, TSNE MissionWorks and the School and State Finance Project do not support or oppose candidates or political parties, nor does either organization engage in any activity that is considered interfering or intervening in a campaign.